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Where sustainability meets innovative creativity!

We make eco-conscious booths a reality, without breaking the bank.
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Concept to construction
Innovative Eco-Design
Creative eco-friendly concepts.
Sustainable Building
Green and certified eco-construction expertise.
Efficient Production
Streamlined technical implementation
from start to finish.

3 sustainable Booth Options

Single-use booth
Ideal for one-time events, we recycle and repurpose our high-quality materials.
Modular booth
We preserve the core concept and most materials while adjusting the size, and store all equipment for future events.
Reusable booth
We maintain the same booth with most materials stored and prepared for your next event.
Additional Services
Comprehensive Event Management
From entertainment to catering and dedicated staffing.
Sales Material Solutions
From creation to design, including original promotional items.
Project Promotion Support
Support for communication material creation and digital marketing efforts (Social Media, increasing visibility…).

OUR Commitments

We specialize in creating eco-responsible booths with dedicated expertise.
For this, we surround ourselves with expertise through our collaborators and partners. Eager for innovation, we push boundaries to offer you a unique experience while respecting the environment.
What Lemon Queen stands for
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project manager
Booth Project Manager
Our network of partners brings together the best players in the market.
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